Penryn Peace Pilchard


A unique hand-carved Cornish gift – the Penryn Peace Pilchard is a boon for the stressed and anxious. Ideal for a friend or loved one, especially those who’re hard to buy for, this little wooden fish, complete with full instructions, is guaranteed to bring smiles all around!

50 in stock (can be backordered)


Representing the cutting edge of worry bead technology, the Penryn Peace Pilchard is calm for your palm! Handcrafted by me in my workshop in Penryn in Cornwall, I make these little beauties from offcuts and reclaimed wood and serve ’em up, complete with a natty little instruction manual, in a cute hessian sack.

In times of tension, there’s nothing more reassuring than dipping your hand into your pocket – or purse, giving your pilchard a squeeze and remembering that someone you love is thinking of you! It’s a wonderful feeling!

The perfect gift for anyone who needs a bit of a lift, this revolution in worry resolution is as plastic-free as it gets! It’s peace of mind carved in wood!

To sum up. You get:

  • A hand-carved wooden pilchard created with optimism and joy
  • Full instructions to help you get the best from your fish
  • A hessian ‘pilchard pouch’ for fully mobile stress relief.

The Penryn Peace Pilchard – Because while you can’t calm the stormy waters of life, you can swim through them.

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