There’s gold in St Mawes!

The pot of gold is in St Mawes

It’ll hardly be a surprise to anyone familiar with Falmouth and its surrounds, that the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow is to be found in St Mawes or that, if you’re coming from there, you’ll find it somewhere around Restronguet. Property prices in the millions of pounds for either location are a dead giveaway. Still, as I sat at Pendennis munching my lunchtime pasty from the magnificent Dog & Smuggler in Falmouth, I suppose it was useful to know for sure that I was in the wrong place for riches, although, again, there are other, more telling clues to my current financial status. Not that I’m complaining because it could be worse – I could be eating a rank sausage roll sat on a bench somewhere bleak.

When one is facing financial ruin, it’s tempting to give in to a glum feeling of helplessness, but no, that won’t do. Even as I write this I remember the runner beans in my coat pocket – a whole two of them – and hope springs anew. My allotment, which has been a total failure this year (as every year) has finally – in the middle of autumn – decided to burst into life. The lone surviving runner bean plant which had hitherto delivered a paltry six beans, has just added a further two to the tally with signs of possibly as many as a dozen more. No, it’s not much but it does show that even the most blighted of crops can make a swift turn around given any improvement in its conditions – it’s got water now, which it didn’t during the summer.

Which is a good thought to have during a time when we’re probably all a bit worried. It may be useful to note that whether we think we can cope with what life throws at us or not, life throws and somehow we do tend to manage. In terms of poverty survival, I already know how to do without electric, lights, gas, a fridge, a shower, running water. I’ve been there and, in some respects, am still here and, while that’s no comfort to anyone else about to go down the gurgler, at least be reassured that in spite of all, the life principal applies. The what? The drive to thrive and survive, it’s the force Luke, strong in us all and, whatever the situation, we can rely on it to inspire and motivate us when we need it the most. It has never failed me, and it won’t fail you. Here’s another nice picture to look at:

Saturday morning, the mouth of the Helford river

This was me heading down for my morning swim the other day. It’s just incredible, coming through the trees and out of the wood to be confronted with that incredible view. Plus the delectable tingle of anticipation of a chilly autumn dip. Bloody ansum. It was my 101st swim since Easter, too – a nice touch to have a fine morning for it. After I’m done swimming, I usually hotfoot it back to my caravan to fire up the wood burner and cook myself back to life. It’s a good start to the day. Then off to the workshop to where the life principle applied to a delicate bank balance produces the inspiration a fellow needs to be inventive. It’s always been the same – cometh the hour, cometh the latest fish-related inventions…

Hand carved fish key rings and oak fish tea light holders

I’m quite chuffed with this sudden burst of creativity, not least because it’s just in time for Christmas ordering. These items form part of my Christmas gifts for under £10 range which you can find on my Etsy shop. I’m hoping to add some new cards soon too, which will be a bit daft possibly. I must say, I get a lot of nice comments from customers which is very encouraging and gives one cause for optimism – which reminds me – good things are transpiring on another professional front. Could the ducks – or fish – finally be lining up? I do hope so. Watch this space and in the meantime, try to stay positive. There is gold in St Mawes. You may not have it yet, but at least you know where it is.

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