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You definitely DON’T want to live here

For at least the past year and possibly longer, I’ve been dead set against the idea of blogging, writing articles, or indeed, adding any more words to that huge steaming pile of horse shit, we call ‘content’. It’s a flaming Tower of Babel; millions of people attempting to out-compete one another to be ‘heard’. Unless you’re the victim of some horrendous injustice, why would you need to be ‘heard’? Maybe I’ve been living in Cornwall too long.

Speaking of which, I’m on the train. I just went and got myself a coffee and bacon baguette – a steal at eight quid, GWR ought to be nicked. There was a short lull in trade and the chap behind the counter was telling me that he’s not looking forward to the introduction of the new flat sided pound coin. “It’s not going to fit in my coin tray is it?” He said. “I don’t like change.” I wondered if perhaps he had an irrational preference for paper money, but no, it turns out he’s just Cornish.

Anyway, while the reason I decided to start blogging again remains unclear, what I would like to say, if anyone’s interested in ‘hearing’ me, is that the woman opposite, a highly made up lady of some vintage, is working away furiously at her laptop. And she’s got a notepad out and is scribbling away – also furiously. What the bloody hell does she think she’s doing? Not only is she making me feel as though I should also be working, she might be having the same effect on other people too.

So far, I’ve seen a deer, several pheasants, a couple of horses – one of which was chomping grass while the other acted as lookout – and an annoyed-looking lady waiting at a level crossing. And she’s working??? Why? If she was reading, I guess I’d understand, but why is she working when she could be looking out of the window? She must be mad,

And you certainly WOULDN’T want to live here either

While I’m on one, it turns out that readers of the Sunday Times have voted Falmouth, their favourite place to live. Oh great. Of course the papers down here are full of it. “Falmouth – Britain’s Favourite Town’ and all that. Well, yes, Falmouth is great, but it’s hardly a good idea to make such a fuss about it is it?

It’s bad enough that so many well-heeled up-country people are moving down here, without encouraging more to do the same. Not that I have a problem with people coming here, it’s just that they keep buying up the flaming houses. Local people are being forced out of the housing market because the ready supply of big bucks is forcing prices ever higher, while at the same time other local people are being forced out of their rented homes because of greedy landlords who know they’ll make more money renting to students. The new builds are, according to rumour, advertised on billboards at the London stations (I’ll check that out when I arrive).

Meanwhile the numbers living in caravans, boats, sheds, and nowhere inches ever higher. So what I’m saying is, if you fancy living in Falmouth, I’ve heard Slough is lovely during the spring.

She’s still at it. I’m sticking to my guns. Why waste time working when you could be looking out of the window???


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    Def more blogging of quality content needed from you Old Bean, maybe even a video or two? 😉

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