What now?

I’m sure other new writers must be a bit like me…

When I started writing my young adult novel, Fulmar a little over two years ago, I somehow imagined I’d type ‘THE END’, and that would be it. I’d simply send my masterpiece to an agent, they’d snap it up and I’d be published. It turns out to be quite a bit harder than that.

But not to worry. I have researched a few agents and submitted my book – finished for the 6th time last week. That’s another thing I hadn’t bargained for – all the re-writing. Better make sure you love your characters – you’re going to be spending a lot of time with them. Ha! I love mine. Two years after first getting the idea for my book, I still find myself laughing out loud when I re-read it. Arrogance? Noooo – I just got lucky – found a character with a lightness of step that makes me feel good.













So now, I wait…and get on with the next story. That’s one good thing. I’m writing about the sea and surfing – not what you’d call a hardship. Every time I go for a walk along the cliff path, struggle into my wetsuit for the paddle out, or contemplate my beat up old plank of a surfboard – ideas float around in my mind. What a way to seek inspiration.

So will I be published or won’t I? Well if I’m not, it won’t be for lack of trying.


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